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From Sketch to Scale

The company specializing in the IoT and IoMT. Mircod recognizes the massive and global penetration of IoT technologies and provides with the platform for rapidly developing of advanced electronic and sensors related solutions.

We create tailor-maid IoT prototypes (Turn-key solution: Mechanical, schematics, 3D, electronics, and enclosures) allowing customers to get a high ROI and a fast mass-production manufacturing through electronics miniaturization, process optimization, efficient management of R&D resources and high level of security protection for hardware, software, and mobile applications.

Mircod Strengths:

-30 Engineers R&D team.
-Complete Integration according to customer needs.
-Multilingual co-operation.
-High ROI.
-Security and Protection.
-Scalable and flexible technology.
-Cross - OS support (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux).
-Success Examples.
-IoT and IoMT Miniaturized Design.
-SiP and SoC optional design.

Client Benefits:

-All logic and sensors components are provided over a light and compact SiP, SoC or PCB designs. The electronic modules assembled by Mircod designed to work in the harshest conditions including high temperature, low temperature, high humidity or marine environment.
-The data collected, aggregated and transmitted through the Mircod Gateways to the main Cloud BI servers for future analytics.
-All data visualized on any modern tablet, smartphone or computer.

Research and Development

IoT and IoMT (Healthcare IoT) creation requires ever increasing and sophisticated electronic design. It also demands a superior level of expertise and necessitates the need for experienced and highly professional companies to expedite the development process. At the core of every electronic product is the electronics (hardware) and firmware (software) needed to run it.

The ability to provide with the right, properly “up and running” a comprehensive prototype for the desired idea, while selecting the precise components, defines all aspects of the performance of a product, realistic proof of concept, durability, cost, and successful market penetration.

Mircod brings together personnel with substantive expertise in all primary disciplines required to deliver the most complicated hardware and software solutions. This flexible and multi-skilled team brings an inherent understanding of the R&D in hardware and software related activities and the interfaces with other system delivery disciplines (mathematical algorithms, system engineering, sourcing, advanced materials, and manufacturing) required for success. Mircod also has the advantage of having worked on a diverse range of activities across a varied customer base in both production and prototyping capacities.

We design quality IoT and IoMT electronic products:
In electronics, speed-to-market is critical; our engineers have the skills to bring quality products to market and accomplish this by using Mircod’s proprietary platform that best suits IoT requirements based on use, conditions, and price. Clients profit from accelerated development, accumulated experience, economies of scale, and performance reliability.