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Mircod for Martial Arts


An intelligent and interactive IoT sports performance diagnostic platform, for training Martial Arts comprising an embedded sensors coupled to a martial arts or mixed martial arts (MMA) boxing gloves, helmet, boots and shin guards / protectors and capable of determining athletes performance in order to track and visualize real-time punch speed, force, and more... Please...

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Internet of Medical Things


At MultiSence™ we are creating an open source platform that targeting a more efficient real-time physiological and biomechanical monitoring solutions for the Defense, Sport Industry, First Responder, Education-Pro, HealthCare and Personal Security markets with wireless monitoring which enhanced by digital technology and real-time data capture and storage. We’re are looking far beyond check-ups to take...

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Mircod IoT for E-Textile


Our physical world—people, clothes and apparel we are using on a daily base were historically been “unconnected” to the digital world and therefore largely invisible as a source of insights for business decisions.Recent advances in IoT, microelectronics, sensor, textile manufacturing as well healthcare data analysis techniques have opened up new possibilities for using e-textile technology...

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Specific IoT Development


The financial and economic impact from the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) on health and wellness could reach $1.6 trillion dollars a year by 2025.Much of that value will come from using IoT-connected sensors, wearables, and medical devices in the prevention, early detection, and ongoing monitoring of chronic health problems, including heart disease, pulmonary disease,...

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Rapid Prototyping & Emergency IoT Development


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